Renolin LD 10

Industrial flushing oil


The problem frequently arises as to what to do to avoid expensive repairs and downtimes if there are failures in the valves of hydraulic circuits, in electromagnetic multiple disc clutches or in other elements of control systems of the equipment in machine tools, caused by contamination or by sticky residues e.g. of synthetic, water-miscible lubricants for cooling systems or from impurities introduced from the outside.

For such a special case RENOLIN LD 10 has been developed and tested. It is distinguished in particular by its high detergent and suspending action combined with excellent lubricating properties, good load-carrying capacity, corrosion protection and decrease of wear. Its behaviour towards gasket materials is excellent even under the most severe conditions. The test results are far below the limits regarded as acceptable.


Installations that are already contaminated and no longer work in an exact fashion are made clean by the replacement of the old lubricant with RENOLIN LD 10 during operation and consequently they function again perfectly. The deposits in the system are dissolved by RENOLIN LD 10, dispersed and thus removed from the system at the next oil change. Replacing the old oil with RENOLIN LD 10 cures even sticking of deposits to the electromagnetic multiple disc clutches. The disc packets become clean and grip again.

Since all machines and equipment can be, and indeed must be, used normally during the cleaning and suspending process, we recommend that RENOLIN LD 10 be changed again when all the impurities have been dissolved, which should take about 100 – 150 operating hours. With very heavy impurities or sticky deposits the cleaning process should be repeated.


Properties Units Value Test method
Viscosity @ 40 oC mm32/s 32.5 ASTM D-445
@ 100 oC mm32/s 6 ASTM D-445
Viscosity Index - 107 ASTM D-2270
Density @ 35 oC kg/m3 866 ASTM D-1298
Flash Point oC 230 ASTM D-92
Pour Poin oC - 18 ASTM D-97
Base No. Mg KOH/g 8 ASTM D-2896