Renolin Tex CLP

(Spindle Oil)

High quality spindle oil for textile industries having resistance to oxidation and deposit formation.


Fuchs Renolin Tex CLP 10 and Fuchs Renolin Tex CLP 22 are products primarily formulated for use in the textile industry for the lubrication of spindles. They are formulated to resist deposit-forming tendencies by the addition of dispersant additives.


Although Fuchs Renolin Tex CLP oils are designed for use in textile machinery, their properties enable them to be used in all high-speed spindle bearings encountered in industry, for example, in machine tools, etc., where a light viscosity, dispersant and anti-wear oil is required.


  • Fuchs Renolin Tex CLP 10, Fuchs Renolin Tex CLP 22, Fuchs Renolin Tex CLP 32 have good anti-wear and special load-carrying properties.
  • They are highly resistant to oxidation, breakdown and formation of gummy deposits.

Product Characteristics

Properties Units Value
ISO Viscosity Grade - 10 22 32
Specific Gravity @ 15.6 0C/15.60C - 0.862 0.866 0.872
Kinematic Viscosity, @ 40 0C cSt 9.57 22 32
@ 100 0C cSt 2.58 4.47 5.5
Viscosity Index - 99 108 97
Flash Point, COC 0C 163 206 2100C