Lubricants Asia Ltd

Fuchs Lubricants Bangladesh Ltd., the pioneer in Private Sector Lube Oil blending and Grease manufacturing plant in Bangladesh, started its business as a wholly owned subsidiary of FUCHS PETROLUB AG, Germany (FUCHS Group) in 1998. In 2006 FUCHS PETROLUB AG sold all shares to local entrepreneur and the company was renamed as Lubricants Asia Ltd.

Starting its operation as a Licensee of FUCHS Group in 2006, Lubricant Asia Limited has been producing, importing and marketing of FUCHS brand lubricants in Bangladesh. Over the year we have extended our distribution network and have become successful in meeting 8% of annual demand of lubricants in the country from its own blending plant, located at Chittagong, and by importing. Our product line comprises automotive, industrial and marine lubes and Greases numbering over 10,000 in different pack sizes. The company with around 15000 tones annual production capacity has become one of top ten companies in the Bangladesh lubricants industry over the last eighteen years.

At Lubricants Asia Ltd., we take tremendous pride in our professionalism and ensure that we remain the best lubricant blender in Bangladesh, with a common underlying emphasis on quality management system and at the same time following all standard operating procedures to ensure the highest quality. As a part of its relentless effort, Lubricant Asia Ltd. has been awarded with the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality management system. Our products and services are constantly evaluated and updated through our well-equipped and modern Laboratory to meet the ever-increasing demands of the industry. This ongoing process ensures that Fuchs brand will consistently exceed all future requirements in Bangladesh.

We consider our human resource to be our greatest asset and therefore we try to ensure that only the best quality individuals are recruited to become a part of our team. Selecting, recruiting and continuous training the workforce is one of our core objectives. Fuchs believes that a dedicated and motivated workforce is the strategic key to its success. Today Lubricants Asia Ltd. employs around 200 professionals across the country.